Aussome Education Migration Services provides education services in Commonwealth of Nations. Our commitment to quality, integrity and ethical practiceis demonstrated in all our activities.

Aussome Education Migration Services has an ever-expanding team of well trained professional and overseas education experience, they can not only provide advises on enrollment and visa application, they also give our clients an insight into the overseas study planning.

In additions to education services, Aussome also provides clients with migration services includes but not limited to General Skilled Migration, Business Skilled Migration, Employer Sponsorship, Work Visa, Parent Visa, Partner Visa and so forth.

With more than 98%visa application approved, Aussome Education Migration Services has won a good reputation among the market


Our extensive portfolio of College and University partners include the most prestigious education institution in Australia, New Zealand, UK. With over hundreds of course choice in public and private secondary education, Vocational Education and Training (VET),Higher education and English language Courses. (ELICOS)

Aussome Education Migration Services is proud of its partnership with leading education institutions in Australia in which help clients access to the high-quality education. Our company also partners with bank, financial institutions,insurance, home-stays and legal guardians to provide all-rounded services toour clients.

Why choose Aussome?

Member of QEAC Australia

We have experienced education consultants with us who will shape up your career graph as the industry requirements. Our experienced counselors will take you through the application process without any hassle and with best turn-around time.

Member of MMIA Australia

Working in a profession where we get to participate in shaping careers of migrating youngsters or helping resettle families in foreign environments. We are specialized on wide range of migration visa including General Skilled Migration, Business Skilled Migration, Employer Sponsorship. Should you have any migration inquiries, you are welcomed to contact our professional team from10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

If you had ever encountered complex situation such as visa refusal, visa cancellation, you are welcomed to contact us. Our expertise will offer you a free assessment in prior to provide feasible solutions regarding your visa situation.

Counselors at Aussome are highly qualified with overseas study experience

A new career in anew country means a lot of new things to get used to. Aussome’s team members fully know what it’s like and they are here to help, they will help you make your decision and create the most suitable plan to succeed.

One-stop service from education to migration

Aussome can help you choose the right path for education and migration and keep you informed of the latest migration policies at the same time. Our extensive portfolio and social networks can help you get use to Australia lifestyle by advising internship opportunities, tips, property investment and so forth.

Our company’s located on the heart of Melbourne with accessible transportation. Should you have any inquiries regarding school enrollment, school transfer, PY, NAATI courses,vocation assessment and migration, please feel free to visit us on suite 404,530 LT Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Excellent personalized Service with reasonable price

The mission of Aussome Education Migration Services is to help our client start their new lives in Australia through our dedicating and professional services. We are confident that our clients can enjoy the best services with reasonable price!

Our Services

Service : Studyin Australia

  • Introduce you with education institution information including ranking, specialization and reputation.
  • Assess your English proficiency
  • Help you choose the best course to suit your expectation and career aspirations.
  • Advice on your chosen course and study plan
  • Help you plan your pathway in Australia

Service: Proposed Study Plan

  • Propose study plan in accordance with academic records and English proficiency
  • Help you make the right general skilled migration decision, give the best chance of success and transition to a great new life.
  • Keep you informed of vocational assessment and migration information

Service: Enrollment Application

  • Help you find the best course to match your education and development
  • Help you prepare for and submit your application for the best chance of success
  • Get the application process started, assist student under 18 to nominate guardian and apply home-stay
  • Attained Offer
  • Advises on Tuition Payment and Attain COE

Service: Visa Application

  • Visa Application Lodgement
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Services
  • Arrange OSHC for students
  • Arrange Health Check for applicants
  • Telephone Investigation Training Services
  • Service:Arriving in Australia
  • Arrange Airport Pick-up Services
  • Apply for Home-stay and Student Apartment
  • School Transfer and Visa Extension
  • Luxury Australia Tour
  • Job & Internship Recommendation